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What To Expect

Mobile Unit Clinic Instructions

We feel that it's important to outline the process, so you feel comfortable knowing what to expect.  We are asking everyone to follow these instructions in order to operate smoothly and safely.

We ask that you fill out your online form at least 8 hours before your appointment. Please note that you do not have to print out the form.  Please fill out ONE form per pet.  Click the icon bottom below to fill out your paperwork

Please arrive 5 minutes early. Our staff will be collecting all pets at our veterinary mobile unit. Please arrive with your pet on a secured leash (tighten collar or harnesses) or crate and check in with our assistant when you arrive at our mobile truck.  Although we are expecting you, we may be with another pet. For everyone’s safety, please knock gently one time.  We must not allow anyone other than our veterinarian and staff inside the mobile unit.  Wait outside and someone will be with you to check you in. Our assistant will collect your pet by the leash and return him/her to you and collect payment at that time.  You can wait in your car while your pet is having the dental cleaning done.  Please communicate where you will be.  Please note, if you arrive 10 minutes past your appointment time, a $10 late fee may apply.

Our veterinarians & staff are committed to maintaining a safe & sanitary environment for the health of everyone.  


We look forward to seeing you and your pet. Thank you and stay safe. 

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