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Does your dog have bad breath? Are his teeth stained yellow and brown?

Those could be early warning signs of dental disease, one of the biggest health problems affecting pets today. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop gingivitis or periodontal disease by age three.

Fortunately, oral disease is preventable, so don’t wait to start a regular dental care regimen with your pet.

Brush regularly – It’s important to brush your pet’s teeth often — at least every few days — so plaque doesn’t form. He may balk at first, so be persistent until he is accustomed to the routine. Keep sessions short, be gentle, and offer plenty of praise.

Use pet toothpaste – Never use “human” toothpaste on your pet; it can cause serious stomach upset. Purchase a toothpaste formulated for pets (it’s safe to swallow and flavored to appeal to your pet) and use only a very small amount.

Add healthy food and treats – Some pet foods are now formulated to combat plaque and tartar build-up and have been proven to be a highly effective oral health tool. There are also tartar control biscuits, bones, and treats that, with regular use, can help reduce tartar buildup above the gum-line.

Taking a little extra time on a regular basis to care for your pet’s teeth will assure good dental health and prevent serious dental and medical problems.

Our staff at Smile Specialist provides a low cost, very effective non-anesthetic dental cleaning for dogs and cats. Your pet remains alert and comfortable. There are no costly preliminary blood exams or costly aftercare because our veterinarians don’t put your pets under anesthesia. We use the state of the art ultrasonic scaler and our procedure takes no more than a half hour to complete.

As our gift to you, we are offering even more of a savings for this February, Pet Dental Month! By mentioning this article, you will receive $10 more off of our already low cost offer.

To schedule a cleaning at one of our many locations, call Smile Specialist at 800-718-8597 to find a location near you.

We look forward to taking care of your fur baby's dental cleaning!


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